The Florida Keys are an archipelago of about 1700 islands (keys) located south of the coast of Florida, United States. The keys begin about 15 miles south of Miami and extend about 320 km in a south-southwest arc and then west to Key West (the last inhabited island).

The islands lie along the Florida Strait, forming a natural barrier that divides the Atlantic Ocean to the east from the Gulf of Mexico to the west. The southern end of Key West is only about 151 km from Cuba. The total land area is 355.6 km². According to the 2000 census, the population was 79,535, with a population density of 223.66/km² (579.27/mi²), although most of the population is concentrated in a few much denser areas, such as Key West (Key West), which accounts for 32% of the total population of the Keys.

The Florida Keys are one of the most popular destinations for American tourists, thanks to the combination of proximity to the country and wonderful beaches.

A few kilometers away, is the Florida Reef, The Florida Reef (also known as the Great Florida Reef, Florida Reefs, the Florida Reef Tract and the Florida Keys Reef Tract) is the only living coral reef in the United States. It is the third largest coral reef barrier in the world (after the Great Barrier Reef and the Belize Barrier Reef)

For many people from the United States and around the world the favorite destination of a dream vacation,  Florida Keys or the Florida Keys offers everything you need to have an extraordinary time. For others, it means throbbing action with a trophy fish on the line or diving to new depths on a sunken ship. During the day, popular activities include stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking through magnificent mangrove caves or strolling through art galleries and boutiques of local creations. At night, visitors taste the best cuisine and refreshing tropical cocktails before watching the sun soak in the water and coloring the night sky.

Distance from Miami, Fl:

  • Key Largo 58 miles (93 Kms)
  • Islamorada 76 miles ( 122 Kms)
  • Marathon 111 miles ( 179 Kms)
  • Big Pine 128 miles ( 206 Kms)
  • Key West 159 miles (256 Kms)
Map The Florida Keys
Map The Florida Keys


Key West from Miami, Florida:

The distance is 159 miles or 256 kilometers.

Key West is home to an estimated population of 26.8 thousand, of which 88.8% are citizens.

The journey by car lasts about 4 hours from Miami, it can last longer if we take into account the time of some stops along the route to observe the seascape and take unforgettable photographs and videos.

Driving from Miami to Key West is a unique experience. You will enjoy one of the most spectacular and emblematic landscapes of the State of Florida. You will drive over the Caribbean Sea and across a chain of islands called cays and over bridges, including the world famous 7-mile bridge. These bridges connect 34 islets that form the Florida Keys.

Best time to visit Key West:

The autumn (September-November) is the low season in Key West, prices in general – and above all – the accommodation can offer up to 50% discount on the rates of the high season ( December, January). The summer months of July and August, offer affordable rates for all budgets, March, April and May also offer the possibility of measured rates that must be taken advantage of.

Key West is absolutely a destination of the so-called unmissable, the large number of visitors that visit it every year is a proof of this.

Key West offers countless activities for all tastes and ages, from extreme marine sports to relaxing on a beach, pool or in a place of your liking for reading or meditation.

And while Key West is famous as the home of Lemon Foot, this famous key offers much more, from high-end art galleries to literary festivals and bars. With land and sea activities to entertain everyone, a unique culture and a lively food and drink scene, Key West caters to all ages and interests.

The beautiful beaches of Key West, its historic sites, its marine life and even its unique festivals, such as the world famous Fantasy Fest and the Hemingway Days.

Key West Island has great historical significance for Florida and the entire United States. The first historical reference dates from 1513 and since then Key West or Key West in Spanish, it has become a paradise for many adventurers, pirates, explorers, immigrants and even fortune hunters. Later, the lifestyle it offered attracted a flood of settlers from America, the Caribbean and Europe, who have left their mark on the architecture, cuisine and spirit of the island. Key West is also known to host such well-known characters as Henry Flager (the railroad entrepreneur and unconditional partner of John Rockefeller), President Truman and the famous writers Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams among many other writers.

Today, Key West is famous for water sports, vibrant nightlife, beaches and historic sites. A good way to enjoy Key West is by walking through its streets, however it is also possible to take the Conch Train, the Old Town Trolley or rent a bike. Many of the tourist attractions are located on Duval Street, the most frequented street in Key West, which is its central axis, making it a good place to start the tour.

If you have decided to visit Key West during your trip to Miami, our best suggestion is to book your hotel the day trip, as Key West offers a number of interesting places to visit.

An excellent option is to make a stay of 6 or 7 days, which will allow you to know this beautiful and unforgettable destination with more depth.

If you still have not visited the Florida Keys neither Key West we invite you to know one of the main tourist destinations in Florida and the United States that for many reasons you will never forget.

Key West, Florida event calendar:

To see more information, visit Key West – Official


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