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Gaskatours focus on satisfaction. We´ll be with you until your trip is over and you´re back home!

In our aim to provide the best service, we offer you unbiased information on your best air, car, hotel, rail and cruise options. Our preferred relationships will be available to you with value-added amenities and supplier discounts.

We make sure that every detail is covered to make your destination wedding a stress-free experience. Our vacation planning services will take care of your getaways and coordinate a customized itinerary. Services also include cruise, car, hotel, rail, transfers and sightseeing to the destination of your choice. Every element of your trip is reviewed to maximize your discounts.

Let us share our knowledge with you to make your next vacation, destination wedding, honeymoon or event,  your most memorable.

Our travel agency staff are experienced travelers who are also professional service providers. We are therefore able to provide knowledgeable input as well as personal attention to our clients. While many components of travel have become commoditized, there is no commoditizing the human touch: we always provide a listening ear. After all, a good travel agency can do many things that a search engine cannot. As such, we provide good value while creating unique, meaningful travel experiences.

Once you have booked your vacation with Gaskatours we are just getting started.  There are a variety of changes, questions and concerns that is only a phone call away.  Gaskatours Travel Agent professionals are always available before and after your vacation to ensure your expectations have been exceeded.

It is my pleasure to introduce our staff of hardworking, experienced, caring travel professionals who are dedicated to saving you both time and money while creating a special, and very memorable travel experience, for you and your family and Friends.

Once you establish a contact with one of the highly experienced travel consultants they will remain your point of contact and will get to know your travel requirements in detail.

Gaskatours has solid relationships with the best suppliers and only work with the most reputable companies.

In addition, financial bonding to protect client funds are in place with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Customer Services.

Got a question for our travel experts? Drop us an email! Whether you are looking to arrange flights, join an overland adventure or plan a multi stop itinerary, our travel experts are here to help.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Gaskatours and we look forward to having you plan and book your next dream vacation with us.

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Our tour packages are extraordinary.

We offer the main tourist services, both to individuals and to tourist companies.

Among the main services, we offer:

– Regular or private transfers
– Vehicle rental
– Tours, excursions, guided tours
– Accommodation: Hotels, Resorts, holiday homes
– Packages to Orlando, FL.
– Packages to Miami, FL.
– Orlando + Miami combined packages
– Disney Cruises
– Cruises to the Bahamas and the Caribbean
– Walt Disney World Resorts
– Universal Orlando Resort
– Custom packages
– Services for groups
– Specialized advice


To be leaders in the integral attention of travelers to Orlando and Miami, Florida, United States of America through the provision of the best and most punctual attention for the enjoyment of their stay, which allows us to return them to attend when they return.


The mission of Gaskatours, Inc. is to achieve the satisfaction of our customers by fulfilling our responsibilities, which allows us to maintain our good name as a faithful performer of our promotions, offers and services, for the benefit of all parties.


Exceptional service is the key to success. We work hard and we try that all our team does its best work, to fully satisfy our customers, who give us the opportunity to serve them, which for us is our main value.


These two factors, developed in a systematic way, strengthen the responsibility and the seriousness of our mission and allow us to be worthy of the trust of our customers.


To assist our clients in the best possible way and with care, to obtain successful results that can only be achieved with dedication, perseverance, optimism, good will and self-confidence, which in the long run will compensate us for respect, esteem and the affection of our clientele.


The best relationships are those that last over time. This is only achieved through constant, personalized, responsible, communicative and beneficial work in the first place for our clientele, which allows us to develop the best relationships to achieve mutual benefit, based on success-success.


The hard work, constant, responsible and beneficial will provide us with the necessary confidence to develop better business and personal relationships, which will open the doors to new business opportunities for mutual benefit as well as extraordinary satisfactions for the success achieved.


Our vocation is oriented to give quick and efficient answers to our clients in search of a company or a responsible partner, which allows us to satisfy their needs in the places where we serve our services.


Our commitment is to provide our customers with quality solutions, for the full satisfaction of the delicate services contracted, through excellent service, excellent service and excellent value for money.


Our operators, always available to answer requests, queries or suggestions, answer calls and emails 24/7, 365 days a year.

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